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Swaziland , Tuesday 20 February 2018

News Swaziland » Religion: Africa’s last three monarchies and why they remain standing

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

He also possesses major stakes in foreign affairs, the military and religious matters. King Mohammad is popular ... ascended the throne some twenty-two years ago. Unlike Morocco and Swaziland, but like Japan in Asia or Belgium in Europe, the powers of ...

News Swaziland » Religion: Swaziland: Schools Crisis Over Christian Teaching

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Publication date: uesday 09 January 2018

There are not enough teachers in Swaziland to teach Christianity. The newspaper reported Magagula saying they had identified 169 present teachers who majored in religious studies and history who could teach the Christian Education Syllabus. He did not say ...


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Publication date: Sunday 25 October 2015

I commend the Times of Swaziland for exposing the lack of religious tolerance and freedom which exists within the country particularly in the Education sector. There are so many religions which exist within the world and the Constitution of Swaziland ...

News Swaziland » Religion: Swaziland orders schools to teach only Christianity

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Publication date: uesday 24 January 2017

Swaziland's schools opened for the new academic year yesterday under new government orders to teach only Christianity, a move criticised ... and that schools were required to submit a list of qualified religious studies teachers ahead of the start of ...

News Swaziland » Religion: King Mswati III of Swaziland wants to ban divorce across African nation

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Publication date: onday 24 April 2017

The king of Swaziland is attempting to ban divorce and has instructed religious leaders to inform citizens of the decree, according to reports. King Mswati III issued the decree during a meeting at the Engabezweni Royal Residence, Daily Nation reports ...

News Swaziland » Religion: President Ramaphosa: From Militant Revolutionary to Corporate Magnate

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

For 100 years, South Africa was a country that had workers from Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi that worked in the ... the students built a movement with the United Democratic Front, with religious leaders, women, workers, intellectuals to end ...

News Swaziland » Religion: Swaziland and HIV: Redrawing what it means to be a man

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Publication date: uesday 09 August 2016

Mahlanya, Swaziland - The 300 or so pictures of "the ideal man" drawn ... mostly fall on deaf ears as boys and men cite concerns over religion, virility and their warrior status. A 19th century Swazi king banned circumcision after blaming his failure ...

News Swaziland » Religion: Dayton company donating medical supplies to impoverished countries

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

Not only are Freedom of Speech rights not protected in the workplace, you may also inadvertently be veering into issues of race, gender, age or religion, which are protected by the federal Civil Rights Act's Title VII.) Still, trying to steer away from ...

News Swaziland » Religion: U.S. to End Funding of Anti-AIDS Program in Swaziland

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Publication date: hursday 12 October 2006

JOHANNESBURG, Oct. 12 -- The Bush administration has decided to end its funding of a groundbreaking program that has sought to curb the spread of HIV by offering subsidized circumcisions to men in Swaziland ... are circumcised for religious or hygienic ...

News Swaziland » Religion: Illegal abortions endangering lives

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Publication date: uesday 13 November 2012

Abortions are illegal in Swaziland and have resulted in criminal convictions ... He said to object to terminations on religious grounds was hypocritical, as “it is unchristian to breed unwanted babies and expose them to a life of difficulty they do ...