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Swaziland , Tuesday 20 February 2018

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland: Schools in Chaos

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

Parents have been outraged that some primary schools are charging top-up fees when the Swazi Constitution and Government policy says primary education should be free. Swaziland, is ruled by King Mswati III as sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch.

News Swaziland » Government: Moody's: Swaziland's credit profile reflects its low economic and institutional strength

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

“Swaziland's credit weaknesses include its relatively small economy and ongoing government liquidity pressures. The sovereign has been experiencing low real GDP growth levels in recent years in line with the regional slowdown in growth,” said Zuzana ...

News Swaziland » Government: Legal Rhino Horn And Ivory Trade Should Benefit Africa, Says Swaziland Government

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Publication date: Saturday 10 February 2018

The government of Swaziland has called the destruction of rhino horn “extravagantly wasteful destruction” and accused western NGOs of compromising Africa’s wildlife by blocking the legalisation of the ivory and rhino horn trades. In an official ...

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland Government Ignores Its Starving People To Sell Donated Food For Cash

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Publication date: Wednesday 20 March 2013

The government of Swaziland, a small landlocked nation in Southern Africa and one of the poorest countries on earth that cannot feed itself, sold almost 12,000 metric tons of maize donated by Japan to raise cash. The Swazi Observer newspaper reported last ...

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland jails and tries 2 government critics

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Publication date: hursday 19 June 2014

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — A jailed opponent of Swaziland's government wore the traditional animal skin garb of a Zulu warrior and invoked Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. in a courtroom speech in the landlocked African kingdom, which has largely ...


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Publication date: hursday 31 October 2013

MBABANE - There was drama at the Industrial Court yesterday when SNAT President Sibongile Mazibuko told a senior government lawyer that he was mad. SNAT is an acronym for Swaziland National Association of Teachers. The government lawyer Vusi Kunene ...

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland: Will airport's major flaws fly?

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Publication date: hursday 06 June 2013

A senior government engineer has warned that construction flaws in Swaziland's new Sikhuphe International Airport are likely to render the R2.36-billion facility unusable. AmaBhungane is in possession of two confidential technical reports by the engineer ...

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland: A kingdom in crisis

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Publication date: onday 11 July 2011

These are external links and will open in a new window Swaziland's King Mswati III ascended to the throne 25 years ago but he has little to celebrate during his silver jubilee. An absolute monarch who rules over 1.2 million people, his government is in ...

News Swaziland » Government: Swaziland government workers demand more pay

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Publication date: hursday 26 July 2012

Government employees in Swaziland are demanding better pay, but few people showed up as a protest was called outside parliament on Thursday. Heavy security deployments scared many people off, in the country where political parties are banned and little ...

News Swaziland » Government: President Ramaphosa: From Militant Revolutionary to Corporate Magnate

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

For 100 years, South Africa was a country that had workers from Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi that worked in the ... And it is not by accident that last year when the government of South Africa had a choice in getting out of AGOA, that is the ...