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Swaziland , Tuesday 20 February 2018

News Swaziland » Finance: Moody's: Swaziland's credit profile reflects its low economic and institutional strength

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

At the same time, given the relatively underdeveloped financial sector, it is unlikely that the government will be able to secure such funding and the resulting deficit is likely to be lower. Swaziland's reliance on volatile revenues related to the ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Q-KON launches the first regional gateway network in Africa using the iDirect Multi-carrier Mesh Solution

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

Q-KON is the first satellite company to establish a regional gateway in Swaziland. Q-KON is a telecommunications system integrator with 30 years' experience in most African countries, specifically in the financial sector. With a long history of ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Blockchain revolution comes to world of humanitarian aid

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

Blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is taking root in a sector far from finance: the world of humanitarian ... money sent by a British association to four schools in Swaziland. In theory, the technique can reduce transaction ...


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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

Swaziland Finance Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP) Managing Director Dumisani Msibi is on record stating that the building was part of their strategic plan and organisational development. Msibi pointed out that it had always been FINCORP’s long ...

News Swaziland » Finance: South Africa agrees to Swaziland financial bailout

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Publication date: uesday 02 August 2011

South Africa's opposition had called for the government to reject the loan request because Swaziland was an "undemocratic state". The finance ministry said Swaziland would have to implement reforms approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Swaziland's financial crisis 'forcing schools to shut'

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 September 2011

Most schools in Swaziland are shut because of the financial crisis that has hit the government, the head of the Swaziland Principals Association says. Charles Bennett told the BBC teachers were boycotting classes at the start of the new term because the ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Swaziland Finance Minister Bans Micro-Lenders

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Publication date: hursday 10 February 2000

Mbabane, Swaziland (PANA) — Swaziland's finance minister, John Carmachael ... activity immediately until the Central Bank of Swaziland puts in place a money-lending and credit financing regulatory mechanism. He said the absence of such a regulation ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Corruption exceeds social services budget

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Publication date: uesday 11 October 2011

Swaziland’s Minister of Finance, Majozi Sithole, has told the Senate that each year the country loses nearly double the annual social services budget to corruption, and non-governmental organizations are not being spared. “Because of these practices ...

News Swaziland » Finance: IMF Survey: Swaziland Uses IMF Monitoring Program to Fight Fiscal Crisis

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Publication date: Friday 08 April 2011

Swaziland faces fiscal crisis caused by drop in customs revenue, large wage bill Staff-Monitored Program to help fiscal adjustment, safeguard pro-poor spending IMF staff urges improved public financial management, expenditure control IMF Managing Director ...

News Swaziland » Finance: Swaziland Central Bank Governor: It's 'Not Wise' to Dismiss Cryptocurrency

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Publication date: uesday 31 October 2017

continues to closely monitor developments in the financial services industry with a view to ensure that the regulatory framework remains relevant and appropriate," she wrote. Swaziland map and pin image via Shutterstock